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As a child I couldn’t leave rocks and shells alone. I would find a stone when we were out and about that was ‘special’ and just had to come home with us. To the despair of my mum as I grew older; pockets, suitcases, and cars would suddenly have an array of stones, crystals and shells stuffed anywhere I could put them. I have never been without my special stones and to this day I can still identify where my collection came from. As I grew older I went to University and got a 'job', but the passion for my work just wasn’t there. I wanted to help people and be creative, which is when I started making jewellery with crystals. For years I had a name Maddogg designs but didn’t know what to do with it, until I started to realise that I could combine my passions for creativity and helping people in a business that I would love, and didn't feel like a job. So Maddogg Designs was born and has now evolved over the years to be the home of my handcrafted gifts and jewellery.

I hope you enjoy this site, everything made with love and light and charged with Reiki. Love Light and Blessings, Naomi