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Larimar Oval Pendant


Larimar Rectangular cabochon pendant set in 925 silver with open back so the crystal can touch your skin.

Approx; 3.5 x 2.3 cm


This is sometimes also known as Atlantis stone.

A spiritual stone that opens to new dimensions, it is gentle and soft coming from the Caribbean it brings tranquilly if the sea and air to the heart and mind. It is soothing and uplifting and can induce a deep meditative state.

It raises consciousness, empowering, dissolves spiritual boundaries, uplifts hurt, fear, depression, brings patience, acceptance, simplicity, creativity and artwork. It is beneficial in angelic contact and communication. Helpful for those seeking a soul mate and helps heal past life heart trauma.

Connects to earth goddess energy, counteracts Geopathic stress. It can be used to remove attached entities, stimulate communication and promote self healing.


For more detailed information on the Larimar please look at the crystal properties section (see below for link).

Crystal Properties: